At Main Line Family Practice, we care about YOUR HEALTH - the most important asset you have.

We offer superior healthcare services with individualized care in our offices.

We understand what healthcare means - preventive care and in case of illness getting help fast, without waiting, and the best possible treatment and outcome  - WE LISTEN.  We facilitate proper diagnosis using our excellent experience and the best available technology and treatment methods accompanied by the best available pharmaceuticals.

We are committed to providing you with the best medical help.

Experience a hassle free visit in our modern office.

We invite you to experience a new pleasant form of caring for your health - visit our office with our friendly staff, a warm ambiance and knowing that you will receive the best treatment available.  Free WiFi in our waiting room is available.

Click here to see a list of specialized services we offer. 

We are using a modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems - for access to our patient portal or if you are a new patient and would like to pre-register please click HERE.

You are able to view for example past visits, medical history, laboratory reports, medications, request refills among other practical features.

Download the mobile client for our patient portal for iPhone and Android.